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Students Entering Grade 5-Parent Nomination: If your child is currently enrolled in the fourth grade class either in a public or non-public school, you may obtain “Request for Grade 5 Admissions Form” from our school located at 1300 Greene Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 anytime from 8:20AM – 2:40PM or download the application from our website.  The “Request for Grade 5 Admissions Form” must be returned in person or mailed to Philippa Schuyler Middle School, 1300 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11237 ATT: Ms. J. Lugo.  

Students Entering Grade 6-Middle School Choice Process: If your child is currently enrolled in the fifth grade, in a public school, your child’s guidance counselor will provide them with an Application for Admission to Middle Schools in November. This application is to be returned to your child’s guidance counselor in order to be processed by the Office of Student Enrollment. Last month for submission is December.

Students Entering Grade 7 or 8:  The application process is not available for students entering these grades.

Students from Private and Parochial Schools: If you live in Brooklyn or Queens and your child is currently enrolled in a non-public school, please visit your local Borough Enrollment Office in order to obtain a Middle School Directory and Middle School Application.

Our screening process includes a review of attendance and punctuality, a review of report card grades and standardized test scores, and student interview.

he applications will be distributed from your child’s elementary school in November.

The application should be returned to your child’s elementary school.

Students will receive notification from Philippa Schuyler Middle School. 

Decision letters will be sent to parents in May.

If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our school at 718-574-0390

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