iReady Diagnostic Assessments

Schuyler Families,

I hope you and your loved ones are well. This year, we will use the i-Ready program to support your child in meeting and exceeding proficiency levels in ELA and Math state standards. Please review the attached letters that give specific details about the i-Ready program.

The first step of the i-Ready program is for all students to take a beginning of the year i-Ready diagnostic. The diagnostic will be administered according to the following schedule:

Blended Model (in- person ):

Date Group Subject Periods
10/29 B Math 1 & 2
10/30 B ELA 1 & 2
11/2 A Math 1 & 2
11/4 A ELA 1 & 2

Fully Remote

Date Group Subject Location
10/29 Fully Remote Math In Math Class
10/30 Fully Remote Math In Math class
11/2 Fully Remote ELA In ELA Class
11/3 Fully Remote ELA In ELA class

Today, during Homeroom, students received their iReady usernames and passwords. If your child did not receive this information, please contact their homeroom teacher. For students taking the assessment in person, make sure they bring their iPad/laptop fully charged to school. Please review the attached letters for tips to help your child prepare for the diagnostic.

Thank you for your partnership. “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required”

Principal Jeanette (Smith) Wigdorsky

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Here is a video from iReady that explains the diagnostic exam to the students.

Link to English Video:

Link to Spanish Video: