Family Blended Learning Model notification

Family Blended Learning Model notification


August 12, 2020

Dear Families,

Thank you for your continued partnership. I hope that you are finding time to rest and enjoy the summer with your loved ones. As you know, DOE Central issued guidance to schools on blended learning and offered a series of program model choices that schools will use in the fall. As we continue the work to prepare for next year, I cannot stress enough the importance of our families being actively engaged in the planning process. Thank you to those of you that participated in our School Leadership Team meeting on July 16, 2020 and our Family Forum on August 11, 2020. At those meetings we shared our preferred Blended Learning Program model, 1B. We also shared the data from Remote Learning Surveys and data Learning Preference Survey which informed our preferred model choice. Based on review of data and in consultation with School Leadership Team and our school Re-open Committee, our school is choosing Model 1B as it best meets the needs of our students and our families.

Below is an outline of our program model:

Families will receive their student’s cohort assignment within the next two weeks via the email we have on file for you. We will have additional Family Forums in the upcoming weeks with updated guidance. Dates, times and links to the Forums will be shared via email and on our school website: I encourage you to also frequently check the NYC DOE of Education website: Feel free to contact our Parent Coordinator, Mr. David Grady at if you have any follow up question or concerns. Thank you for your collaboration and support during this process.



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Jeanette Wigdorsky

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