Super Hero Day, Friday Oct. 30th & Monday, Nov. 2nd

Schuyler families,

In recent years, it has been a Schuyler tradition to celebrate Halloween as a Super Hero (or Villain) Day.

This Friday, October 30, 2020, we would like to keep the tradition going, and have staff and students dress up as Super Hero’s or Villain.

Let’s see your Halloween Swag…..

If you are in Remote, you can also celebrate Super Hero Day and dress up as well.

Make sure your cameras are on when you are in your zoom classes, so, as Mrs. Julian St. Louis said, “You can show off your Super Hero swag.”

For those people who will be in person:

Students must still wear their PPE (Face masks that cover their nose and mouth) However, full costume masks are NOT allowed.

Due to Friday being a Group B – day.  We would like to also extended Super Hero Day to Monday, November 2, 2020, so that our Group A students can celebrate in person as well.

We look forward to celebrating with our entire school community, Super Hero Day this Friday and next Monday.

Thank you,

Ms. Hutchinson