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The Earth Science Regents course of study is designed to encourage students to understand the processes of change in earth and space through first-hand observation and inference. Regents Earth Science is quite challenging and requires work and effort by both the teacher and student. Some topics are required by the state, while others are optional. The goal of this class is not only getting the students ready to excel in the Regents Examination in June, but also to stimulate and allow the students to explore the processes and phenomena that control our planet.

The curriculum covers several varied and interesting units, including:

  • Rocks & Minerals
  • Earthquakes
  • Landscapes
  • Geological History
  • Meteorology
  • Astronomy

Students will be taught to formulate questions that relate to their experiences, and use their acquired skills to investigate these questions.

The state requires each student to successfully complete 1200 minutes of lab work in order to qualify for the Science Regents Examinations. Id a student misses a laboratory session(s), opportunities are provided to make up the work.

Throughout the year, timely environmental issues such as global warming and environmental pollution will be explored, with an emphasis on how we interact with the planet Earth, and our responsibility to understand and value our natural environment.
To support the curriculum and give a real life connection to some of the topics covered, a visit to a mine and to a Space Center may be scheduled.