Philippa Schuyler Middle School for the Gifted and Talented

School Leadership Team Meeting

January 14, 2021




4:00 – 4:05 PM

Welcome and review Zoom meeting protocols

  • The chat feature is disabled for all except our interpreters

  • When chat is enabled Simone Gibson is our chat manager 

  • Please raise your hand for comments

  • Meeting is being recorded


4:05 – 4:10 PM

Approval of minutes from 12/20/20 Click here for the minutes


4:10 – 4:20 PM

CEP Goals Update – Mrs. Wigdorsky


4:20 – 5:55 PM


5:55 – 6:00 PM

Questions and Answers


Voting Members Attendance

Ms. Vergara (Present)

Ms. Wigdorsky (Present)

Ms. Hutchinson (Present)

Ms. Baldino (Present)

Ms. Slaughter (Present)

Mr. Adoniz (Present)

Ms. S. Gibson (Present)

Ms. J Rivera (Present)

Ms. Gomez (Present)

Ms. Colon (Present)

Ms. Richards (Present)

Ms. Illery (Present)

Ms. Morales (Absent)

Ms. Singletary (Absent)


Meeting started at 4:03PM

Reading an approval of minutes from 4:04PM to 4:09PM


Motion to approve by Ms. Vergara

Ms Rivera and Ms Gibson vote to approve the 12/10minutes


CEP Goals update by Ms. Wigdorsky. (4:11PM)


In February we will have a longer discussion on progress monitoring.


All SLT members are guided to enter their IPLAN portal. 


What are the steps that the schools will take to achieve the CEP Goals? 


The school is on schedule with the finalized CEP plans. We are waiting for the district to approve the GOALS on Jan 22. We will have a docusign available so members of SLT can approve the CEP. The Superintendent will approve the plan by Jan 29 and the plan will be posted to the DOE by Feb 1.


School Updates:


6-8 continuing in remote learning until further notice.


5th grade has both in person and fully remote instruction currently. Students must have a weekly consent form for COVID testing when IP learning starts again. 


8th Graders will take the SHSAT in the building on January 27th in the building. The SHSAT deadline for registration is January 15th. The regular HS application for 8th graders will open Tuesday, January 19th and close February 23rd  2021.


Middle school applications will begin Feb 9, 2021.


We are still waiting for guidance on 5th grade applications to the school.


Ms. Vergara announces the webinar for 1hour – 1 hour and 23 minutes. {Roles and Responsibilities of School and District Leadership teams in Education Planning and Shared Decision- Making} 


Please refer to the January 14th, 2021 recorded meeting for the full video and details.


The video finished at 5:50PM. 


Ms. Vergara posts 6 SLT Webinar guiding Questions. SLT takes time to review the questions and discuss. 


Ms. Illery checked in for attendance. 


Ms. Gomez asks a question about the document. Ms. Wigdorsky clarifies the question on the docusign. 


Ms. Richards docusign for CEP what if you don’t agree with a certain section of the document. 


Look ahead to the next meeting. SLT think tank for our community input. Open discussion on how to get community members to get topics that they would like to have discussed. 


Motion to adjourned at 5:58 Ms. Vergara


Ms Illery seconds the motion to adjourn!