Philippa Schuyler Middle School for the Gifted and Talented
School Leadership Team Meeting
November 12, 2020

4:00 – 4:20
Welcome and review Zoom meeting protocols
The chat feature is disabled for all except our interpreters
When chat is enabled Simone Gibson is our chat manager
Please raise your hand for comments
Meeting is being recorded

Introduction of new member
Janelle Richards, Parent
Alina Moore, Student
Kaliyah Hoy, Student

Reading and approval of the minutes from October 29th, 2020 -Click here to view 

4:20 – 5:50

Old business –

Ratify the by-laws (Mrs. Wigdorsky) (4:20 – 4:25) – Click here to view
CEP Development – Breakout rooms (4:25 – 5:20) – Click here to view
Asynchronous Monday Proposal Presentation (Ms.Baldino) (5:20 – 5:50) – Click here to view

5:50 – 6:00 PM (Time Permitting)

Q & A from guests

Attendance for 11-12-20 : (Members) Ms. Wigdorsky, Ms. Vergara, Ms. Slaughter, Ms. Richards, Ms. Gibson, Ms. Rivera, Ms. Gomez, Ms.Baldino, Ms. Hutchinson, Ms. Goulbourne and Ms. Singletary, Ms. Illery and Alina Moore, Mr. Adoniz
Non Members: Winnie Guillaume, Nyasha Rhoden, Kaliyah Hoy, Aluqdah, Ms. James

Absent Members: Ms. Colon