Philippa Schuyler Middle School for the Gifted and Talented

School Leadership Team Meeting

December 10, 2020




4:00 – 4:05

Welcome and review Zoom meeting protocols

  • The chat feature is disabled for all except our interpreters

  • When chat is enabled Simone Gibson is our chat manager 

  • Please raise your hand for comments

  • Meeting is being recorded


4:05 – 4:10 PM

  • Review of minutes from November 12, 2020 – Click here

Attendance for 11-12-20 : (Members) Ms. Wigdorsky, Ms. Vergara, Ms. Slaughter, Ms. Richards, Ms. Gibson, Ms. Rivera, Ms. Gomez, Ms.Baldino, Ms. Hutchinson, Ms. Goulbourne and Ms. Singletary, Ms. Illery and Alina Moore, Mr. Adoniz

Non Members: Winnie Guillaume, Nyasha Rhoden, Kaliyah Hoy, Aluqdah, Ms. James


Absent Members: Ms. Colon


4:10 – 4:20 PM

  • Mrs. Wigdorsky – School opening announcements

  • Questions


4:20 – 5:10 PM

Asynchronous Monday 

  • Ms. Baldino – Clarification of what is being asked 

  • Guest speaker – Keyon Armstead (10 Minutes)

  • Clarifying questions 

  • By – laws on consensus –Article VI Decision Making

  • Plan of action 


5:10 – 5:15PM

  • Updates from Ms. Rivera


5:15 – 6:00 PM

Room 1 – Goal 1 & 2 -Morales, Vergara, Baldino, Wigdorsky /Wigdorsky, Singletary

Room 2 – Goal 3 – Illery, Adoniz, Hutchinson, Gibson, Gomez 

Room 3 – Goal 4 – Slaughter, Vergara, James, Richards/ Rivera 

5:45 – 6:00PM – Group Share out

Voting Members in Attendance:

Ms. Vergara

Ms. Wigdorsky

Ms. Hutchinson

Ms. Baldino

Ms. Slaughter

Mr. Adoniz

Ms. S. Gibson

Ms. J Rivera

Ms. Gomez

Ms. Colon

Ms. Richards

Ms. Illery


Voting Members Absent:


Ms. Morales

Ms. Singletary

Minutes (SLT) December 10


4:01PM Meeting called to order


Zoom protocols reviewed by Ms. Vergara. Zoom Chat disabled except for interpreters. 


Review of minutes from November 12, 2020 4:03 – 4:08PM

Second motion to approve minutes from the previous meeting. Attendees will be added. 


Update on 5th grade program. 5th graders are clear to come into the building. 5th graders and some staff members were in attendance. 5th grade was approved to receive 5 days of in person instruction. 


Blended learning doesn’t exist for the 5th graders. They have a choice to select either 5 day fully in person or 5 day remote instruction. Families are to consent to weekly COVID testing. We are required to test 20 percent of students and staff per week. Survey given to families about requests for IP or RL classes. 


Currently reaching out to our 6th, 7th and 8th grade to see what their preferences are about IP/BL/RL learning and about weekly COVID testing. 


Priority Students to come into the building for IP instruction: (Self-Contained, ICT)


4:19PM (Ms. Baldino continues with the proposal for asynchronous instruction.)


Proposal to have Monday’s as an asynchronous day


Fully Remote: Students would not have the live part of instruction for that day. Teachers can check up on student work and review missing assignments. Teachers can use IREADY to offer tailored instruction to every child across all grade levels. Teachers can also use


In Person: Students can partially catch up on work. Students can have tailored and targeted instruction. Students can do more group work on these days. Research online will be available since all students will be working on the computer/tablet. In person students will maintain their schedules for non core classes like art and gym. 


Ms Armstead 4:26PM (23 yr veteran teacher at Schuyler)


Daughter’s school is doing asynchronous Fridays. Speaking from the perspective of a parent saw her daughter, an honors student, struggling in the remote setting and really benefited from a day for 1 on 1 targeted instruction. Her daughter is receiving enrichment in classes that she is already excelling in and one on one instruction in classes that she needs extra time on. Speaking on behalf as a parent, Ms Armstead sees the benefit that her daughter is receiving. Ms Armstead sees her daughter is receiving a well-rounded education with asynchronous instruction during this pandemic. 


Ms. Vergara 4:33PM (asks for clarifying questions)


Ms. Illery – Does it have to be Monday’s?


Ms. Richards – How will this affect those from 6-8? For IP and RL. How would the system work when students return to the building based on condition?


Ms. Armstead- responds: Students in her daughters school of all grade levels whether they are in an honors class or not are receiving targeted instruction and time for advancement. 


Ms. Slaughter- Speaks on behalf of her own class that students have benefited from extra time.


Ms. Wigdorsky- Asynchronous. Defined as not being live with the students. How is the term asynchronous being defined? First faculty conference on Sept 8th. Recommended small group instruction earlier as a part of the model. 


Ms. Baldino- Clarify that Monday’s will be that day for asynchronous. 


Ms Armstead- The asynchronous day creates a time for students to work independently for advancement and work in targeted instruction. Asynchronous instruction helps children to grow holistically.  


Ms. Richards – Voices concerns with cuts to classes. 


Ms. Vergara – Voices concerns on asynchronous is not about a cut to lessons.


Ms. Slaughter – We can focus on mastery of the standards.


Ms. Armstead – Daughter has many electives with the asynchronous day. Modifying and giving children what they need. 


Ms. Vergara – Clarification that asynchronous Monday’ is separate from any issues on cuts.


Ms. Wigdorsky – What does Asynchronous instruction look like for the 5th graders in the building? 


Ms. Armstead – The Black and Brown community is falling behind more in this online/blended setting than their white counterparts in schools that are looking at a child holistically and and implementing other structures of instruction. 


Ms. Hutchinson – How is this format any different from what teachers are already planning into their schedules? Will Monday’s be beneficial for all?


Ms. Armstead – Monday’s we all get on the same page with applying the type of instruction that Ms. Hutchinson is already bringing up.


Ms. Baldino – Bring back to Ms. Wigdrosky’s idea. Everybody’s role is different in this online world. Students may not have the opportunity to do anything that is not already planned in the lesson. Every period that the students are there on that day, teachers have the opportunity to plan the work that is best needed for their students. 


Ms. illery – Based on Agendas and schedule may it be better to have at the end of the week. 


Ms. Hutchinson – Everyone is stressed in the remote, especially in places where resources are limited. Still not sure, why do we have to wait for a specific day to do targeted instruction? What happens if I have a question? Put a question on a padlet? What do our kids do that have questions at that time? 


Ms. Baldino – As an educator we would never make students wait for an answer. Having one day is beneficial to the students. 


Ms. Rivera – How was this discussed with the parents? Asynchronous instruction could have been brought to the PTA in a meeting first to get the full voice of the Parent Body. 


Discussion finished 


Ms. Vergara reads article 6 (5:14PM)


Members of SLT troubleshoot zoom for the vote


Vote in poll form done at 5:28PM


Results 67% yes  8 members voted yes out of the 12 present

             33% no    4 members voted no out of the 12 present


2 voting members are absent.


Ms. Vergara re-reads article 6

Ms. Wigdorsky: by laws state a consensus, we used by laws from previous meetings. 


Since we do not have a consensus and there is more than one person that had voted no, we will not go forward with the proposal for asynchronous Monday’s 


Next PTA meeting will be December 15. Results of the survey from the last PTA meeting will be shared at the next PTA meeting. 


Final CEP plan is due on December 23rd, 2020.


Breakout rooms opened to discuss CEP plans at 5:39 PM. 


Mr. Robertson joined the math CEP discussion meeting. Mr. Robertson will discuss IREADY.


Ms. Hutchinson begins the CEP planning meeting. 5:44PM


Students will be measured in 4 different segments throughout the school year. 

We are using to track our progress throughout the school year. Students are taking the I Ready assessments to track growth. Iready tailors lesson based on gaps that students have in the 4 major domains being assessed. 


We want to use this as a tool to inform formative assessment for students not to penalize students. Students in Blended can take the iREADY assessment on a period when they don’t have a blended teacher and then work in the periods with their core instructors for IP and BL. 


Mr. Robertson speaks at 5:50 PM


IREADY pinpoints students strengths and weaknesses. We can see whether or not students are at, above or below grade level across certain domains in mathematics. 


Domains: Number and Operations; Measurement and Data; Geometry; Algebraic Reasoning. 


IREADY breaks down different parts of the grade levels as well. 


IREADY provides an analysis of what students need across a domain and how its connected across the grade level. 


Return to main session at 5:56PM

Ms. Rivera 5:57PM Shared drive printed out the list of the CEP goals. But wasn’t sure about the percentages in the listing for CEP goals. 


Ms. Hutchinson: We used part of the CEP goals from the previous year. 


Adonis and Hutchinson discuss IREADY. 


There will be parent workshops on IREADY. Staff members will present as well. 

Ms. Illery – This information is extremely helpful for parents to have so parents can help in the instruction at home. 


Meeting ended at 6:09PM