Philippa Schuyler Middle School for the Gifted and Talented

School Leadership Team Meeting

April 29, 2021





  1. Celebration of Mr. Outerbridge and moment of silence

  2. Review Minutes – Please review here

  3. PTA President Report

  4. CEP Timeline for 2021-2022

  5. Conducting a Comprehensive Needs Assessment and Root Cause Analysis Webinar –  Here

  6. Review next steps for May 20th meeting 

  7. Principal Report and Q&A


Voting Members – Attendance


Ms. Vergara (Present)

Ms. Wigdorsky (Present)

Ms. Hutchinson (Present)

Ms. Baldino (Present)

Ms. Slaughter (Present)

Mr. Adoniz (Present)

Ms. S. Gibson (Present)

Ms. J Rivera (Present)

Ms. Gomez (Absent)

Ms. Colon (Present)

Ms. Richards (Present)

Ms. Illery (Present)

Ms. Morales (Present)

Ms. Singletary (Present)

Meeting called to order at 4:17 after the attendance check. 

Members Present at 4:17

Ms. Hutchinson (Present)

Ms. Baldino (Present)

Ms. Slaughter (Present)

Mr. Adoniz (Present)

Ms. Colon (Present)

Ms. Richards (Present)

Ms. Illery (Present)


More than 6 present at the start of the meeting.


Quorum is 8. 4 from parents and 4 from teachers/admin



Ms Slaughter reviews agenda.


Moment of silence for Mr. OuterBridge at 4:18PM


Ms. Hutchinson shares memories of Mr. OuterBridge. Mr. OuterBridge contributed a great deal to the school community. (Robotics/Economics(Stock Market)/Athlete). We are celebrating him in his life. 


Ms. Richards celebrated Mr. Outerbridge’s knowledge of coding and passion for computer science education. 


Ms. Slaughter, Mr. Outerbridge was one of the first teachers to welcome her into the school community when she first started. 


Ms. Baldino is writing a brief for the UFT school paper on Mr. Outerbridge’s life and contributions. 



Review of March agenda’s minutes –

Starting at 4:24PM



Ms. Illery was marked absent and changed to present. 


Approval of minutes at 4:32PM




At 4:37 PM – Team begins Conducting a Comprehensive Needs Assessment and Root Cause Analysis Webinar 

Video ended at 5:23PM



The final date of CEP submission is June 15th. The final date of the budget alignment is June 30th. We will be working on action plans from May through June. 


For Math/ELA we can use Iready to guide us with formative data, Through all 3 assessments. 


They want us to look at the last school year we had data to inform us. (2019). What are overall averages? What standardized data do we have? We won’t have accuracy in the data. Since the last cohort graduating is the last set of data we have from state tests. 


Iready may not support critical thinking in tems of all question types. We can still use what we have to analyze where students are at.




PTA president report


Spring election for PTA


CEC (Community education council) elections saturday May 1st to May 11th. We have three parents running and only 1 to be selected.  DOE website has information on parents that are running for a seat. PTA election May 27th at 5:00PM, run by parent members. Parents/guardians will be sent codes for their child. 




Principals Report


SHSAT results


Scores were sent to families April 29th, 2021 in the evening.


HS application acceptances will be coming in the next week. (First week of May) Current glitches are being worked on in terms of applications of students that had to submit video applications. Current 7th grade students will not have their state test scores evaluated for admission to HS next year. HS’s will be looking at numerical grades for the 7th grade 2020-2021 school year. Attendance was not a factor in current HS admissions processes. We will have a virtual graduation on June 22nd at 9:30AM. 


What about 5th grade applications? I still do not see an application for that. (Ms. Gibson)


We are working with middle school enrollment for 5th and 6th grade.  


(Ms. Richards) Will school in September return to what it was? 


We have not heard of any updates for the fall. (Ms. Wigdorsky)


The last day of the ELA exam is tomorrow April 30th.


Monday May 3rd we will begin the Math exam, until May 14th.


Principal will review the DOE update on NX and grading policies. We will put in place a department wide system for students to make up work during this time for NX grades. This information will be released to families next week. Parents may opt to keep numerical grades or change to P for passing. 


Students will have opportunities over the summer for enrichment activities and academic support. 


Doe school survey to come out in May! Teachers, families and students we will get ready for this


Ms Slaughter motioned to end the meeting at 6:04. Mr Adoniz seconds the motion.