The Student Government Association (SGA) at Schuyler is the student voice in the academic, cultural and social affairs of the school. It depends heavily on energetic and interested representatives that are elected annually from each grade of our student body.

The Student Government Association affects all levels of student participation at Philippa Schuyler. There are 16 elected members to the SGA, including four officers:

  • President, represented by an 8th grader
  • Vice President, represented by a 7th grader
  • Treasurer, represented by a 6th grader
  • Secretary, represented by a 5th grader

In addition to conveying student recommendations and sentiments to the faculty, staff and administration, the Student Government Association is responsible for recommending the allocation of student activity fees, shaping policies affecting student life, and assisting with the coordination of special events.

The Student Government Association will establish a standing relationship with the PTA by attending quarterly meetings and supporting PTA events.

All During School Activities